How did that come to her mind?

A few days back, my husband and I were traveling by train from my home-town to Mumbai. We were accompanied by our family during the journey. The journey by the train, which is otherwise boring, gets interesting when there is a kid around to talk to. Our niece Gungun was also traveling with us. She is around two and half years old and very talkative. I must say, she is very quick with her questions. If she fails to understand something, she pops up with a question immediately. I remember we were never so inquisitive in our childhood days. There were a lot of things that she said which kind of amazed me, but there was one of them which I will probably never forget. Every time I think of it, I burst out into laughter again.

I have set my husband’s photograph as the wallpaper on my cellphone. Gungun was playing with my cellphone. She happened to see the wallpaper. I asked her who was the person in the photograph. She identified the person as her uncle. That was not shocking! A few seconds later, she asked me whether her uncle and I are siblings. That was so quick! Her mom and I were just taken aback after we heard that question and we burst out into laughter. I wonder how that question came to her mind. She probably thought people save photographs of their siblings on their cellphone OR chacha chachi(uncle and aunt) are rhyming words(hence, they are siblings) OR God knows what. That moment I couldn’t control laughing and I am still laughing while writing this post 😀 ..


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