The Dark Knight Rises

My husband and I are really fond of watching movies. Yesterday, we watched the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

This was the first movie from the Batman Series that we watched and I must say we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I was not a great fan of action movies before, but have recently started watching such movies, and I must say I have started liking them too.

In this movie, the hero who was dwelling in the dark because of his past, decides to rise when the evil takes over the city. The action sequences in the movie were extremely good and the best part is that despite being an extremely long movie, the movie holds you till the end. The movie was made exceptionally well. The best part of the movie was the end. There couldn’t have been a better end to a heroic story such as this one 🙂

Every movie conveys a message and this one did too. Whenever the bad tries to takeover the good, something really good needs to rise for the downfall of the bad 🙂 .. And some people need to be hidden from the world, so that they can survive and come back to help when the world needs them 🙂 ..


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