After 6 long years of work life, I decided to take a break. I resigned from my job. On my last day at work, there were a few moments with my friends which made the day memorable.

After completing the last-day formalities, I went to the canteen with a set of my friends at the workplace. We chatted for sometime & had some snacks together. I was really happy that I would be getting a break from my work life and that happiness was apparent on my face. That moment, I was unaware that a few of them had actually gotten attached to me within a short span of time.

We talked for a while and left from the canteen. I had carried all my stuff along in order to avoid going back to my desk before leaving. When we got into the lift and reached the second floor, one of my friends decided to join me till the parking lot and few of them bade me goodbye in the lift as I had go further down to the parking lot. One of them, got emotional while saying goodbye. I had always seen her smiling & loved the way she smiled. But that day I happened to see tears in her eyes. She had always been a well-wisher and a good listener. In those few seconds, I realised how she felt about me as a good friend.

The other friend, who accompanied me to the parking lot, also got emotional. A few words that she said made me feel so honoured. I explained to her that I just need to move on & assured her that we will be friends forever. After a short chat, I bade her goodbye and left from the office premises. While I was driving back home, I realised that within a short span of time, I had made a mark in the lives of a few people and I would be alive in their memories forever. For sometime, I was just speechless and there was a constant smile on my face 🙂


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