A 120 out of 100!

There are few moments in life when people greatly appreciate what we do and such moments just get stamped in our memory. Whenever we think about those moments & relive them, we just feel so very happy.

I was studying in the 8th Standard. We were appearing for the first paper of the terminal examination, the English language. We had to write an essay on a bizarre occurrence in life. I used to read a lot of scientific books those days. I read a few books where scientists say that they have sometimes come across living beings on other planets. I thought why not write an essay about meeting an alien. Let me tell you, before writting this essay, I had not watched or even heard about Steven Spielberg’s movie, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”. I used to rarely watch English movies those days. I wrote a long essay about how I happened to meet an alien in our place accidentally. The alien helped me with a few ativities in my life and after that disappeared into the sky one fine day. It was a long essay and I don’t remember every single thing that I had written in that essay. I so much wish I had a copy of it even now πŸ™‚

After a few days, my English teacher corrected our answer sheets and distributed them in the class. When everyone was busy looking at their sheets and summing up their marks, the teacher asked me to stand up. I wondered what I had done. I stood up. She said that she would like to mention that in English getting a score above 90% was a rare case. Since my paper was exceptionally good, especially the essay that I had written, she gave me a 98% in the language. It was the first time any of her students had scored so well. She said she was so happy with what I had written that she felt I deserved more than 100 & if it would have been practically possible she would have given me a 120 out of 100.

That moment, a few tears of happiness started rolling in my eyes. It was a moment when I was appreciated so much that I would never forget it. I remember when I got back home and told my mom about this, she was so proud of me.


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