Hard work does pay!

Learning & mastering a new language is a challenge and I would like to share one of my experiences with you.

I studied in an ICSE school in Pune till my 8th Standard. In my school, English & Hindi languages were mandated, but Marathi was optional. I opted for German instead of Marathi and I must say I enjoyed studying the German language.

When I was promoted to the 9th Standard, my family moved to Solapur. Since there was no ICSE school in Solapur, I had to switch to a State Board school. And to my horror, Marathi was a mandatory subject in the school. I was left with no option but to learn the language. I was handed over the 9th Standard Marathi text book.

The script of Hindi and Marathi languages is the same, but the languages are certainly different. My performance in other subjects was good, but I scored very less in Marathi language. I knew how to speak Marathi to some extent, but couldn’t read or write in Marathi. My mom got worried and she searched for Marathi tuitions. I joined the tuitions, but they didn’t help me much. Although I managed to clear the subject, my score was still low.

Since my struggle to learn the language was not yielding much, my grandfather decided to help me out.He would wake me up early in the morning and make me read the Marathi newspaper before leaving for school. Initially, it was really difficult. I couldn’t read a single sentence without taking pauses. I often made mistakes in pronouncing words. My grandfather would tell me to break down the words and pronounce them. He would make me understand the meanings of certain words. As I continued reading the Marathi newspaper and conversing with people in the Marathi language, my performance in the language improved. Within a span of a year, I learnt the language and was one of the best performers in the language in my class. My Marathi teacher was completely taken aback after seeing the difference in my performance.

In the 10th Board Exam, I got a decent score of 78% in the language and everyone was proud of me. Now, when people hear me speaking Marathi, they can’t make out that Marathi is not my mother tongue.


2 thoughts on “Hard work does pay!

    • Hey thanks Roopa 🙂

      Marathi is also very similar to Hindi, but there are quite a lot of differences. Hence, it was a challenge to learn the language. I know Telugu too since it’s my mother tongue.. And I guess I understand Kannada to some extent because of its similarity with the Telugu language.

      This is a very old story, but one which I’d never forget 🙂 My grandfather has supported me a lot in difficult times 🙂 Somehow, he knows the solution to most of the problems and he is a great supporter of hard work.. I’m glad I followed his instructions and made everyone at home proud then 🙂 ..

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