Don’t want be in the limelight anymore

I used to watch Tv shows where film stars express their feelings about how they feel when every thing they do is publicized. I would feel that there is certainly a challenge in being a star and comprimising on your privacy,but guess these stars are just used to the media hyping every thing they do and commenting on their actions. They ignore it and move on. This might sound very simple, but it surely is not.

My husband and I had a similar experience recently. All of a sudden, we were in the limelight. We used to get multiple calls from people. Every person commenting on what we are doing. Initially, we felt people are concerned and that’s why they are contacting, but later we got to know that they are just enjoying hyping every single step that we take in our lives. We were tired of justifying our actions. In those days, we realised how tough it might be for the film stars when the media publicly talks so much about them and most of the times it is criticism. Here, we are not filmstars but normal people, and it was not the media but people who knew us were doing it.

Most of the times, only one thing would come to my mind, “Why us? Please let us be in peace. We do not want be in the limelight. We just want to lead normal lives for God’s sake”. We recently learned that there is no point explaining to them that we need privacy in our lives. Even after being told, they would continue with the same behaviour. The lesson that we learned was that if people comment, let them do. You don’t need to justify your actions to anybody. You just need to trust yourself and move on in life. Ignorance is the best solution in such cases 🙂.


2 thoughts on “Don’t want be in the limelight anymore

  1. Very true.. 🙂 That’s the problem is with the society. Everyone are so interested and curious in others life than their own, only good understanding and bit of humanity can change the people. People are just curious and they hurt the other person unknowingly, because they have not passed through the situation they will never understand the pain, and the worst part is still they will give “suggestions”. !!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah!.. We don’t need so many suggestions.. We are grown-up enough to take our own decisions in life 🙂 .. I would again say that ignoring is the only way to get rid of such situations 🙂 ..

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