Different, but not really different ;)

My husband and I visited Thailand a few days back. It was our first visit to a place outside our country. But truly speaking, we didn’t feel as though we went to a place outside the country.

The people in Thailand have a different culture. Their food differs from ours and they look different.I was impressed to see women doing activities such as driving cabs, guiding the tourists.I guess these are the only major differences that we could make out. Ultimately, they are just like us. All of them work to make a living.

We visited three places namely Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok.

Phuket is an island and a peaceful place to visit if you really like beaches and like to try out sea-based sports. Pattaya also has some beaches and similar activities.Bangkok is an over-crowded place. There are many Malls you could visit. There are places where you can shop a lot. There are a few temples of Buddha like the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho.

Overall, the visit was good, but I would repeat not really different from India 😉


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