A moment to remember

There were many times when their faces just flashed in my mind, but I couldn’t see them in person. Whenever I heard their voice on the phone, a deep feeling of happiness would just encircle me and I would hope someday we’d meet again. The meeting was not so easy. There was a different struggle to meet those people whom I feel so close to.
The day I met them, it was one of the best moments in my lifetime. The little things they were doing for me made me so happy. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I couldn’t stop crying. That moment, the lyrics of the song from the movie Agneepath, “Abhi mujh mein kahin…”, made so much sense to me. I finally met them, my little sisters and brother.
In the toughest of times, these little ones were there to stand beside me though we were miles apart. There was a wish to see them in person and finally that wish came true 🙂


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