Back to the Blog World!

I have been away from the Blog world for quite a long time.
There have been a lot of changes that have taken place in my life in a span of a year’s time.
I guess one post would not be enough to jot down all of them.
So, here I am stating the best of them. I got married early this year in January.
I am glad that my best friend has become my life partner 🙂 ..

Times have changed a lot in the last one year.
Some changes have gotten a pleasant smile on my face and some have made me sob.
But, now that those times have passed out, I can summarize by saying a few words –

“When I smile, I find everyone around,
When I cry, I find only one
I guess that’s why God keeps everyone else away when I cry because that single one needs to be the most special 🙂
So, don’t feel sad and complain to God, but feel happy that he has chosen the special one for you”.

It’s nice to be back to the Blog World.


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