Look before you leap

I decided to undergo an orthodontic treatment because of the misalignment of my lower teeth. I had overlapping teeth. One of the doctors advised me to undergo the treatment and get them aligned, as there were chances of the teeth getting worn-out in future. At that point of time, I felt it was right to go for the treatment. I didn’t discuss with many people and was not aware of the consequences. But, I learned some things from my experience. So, here I am sharing my experience to benefit others.

I got four teeth extracted for the treatment, as there was no space for teeth movement.
Initially everything was fine. But after re-alignment of the teeth, my facial structure got affected. This is normal in most cases, but I have a hexagonal facial structure, and hence my case was different from others.
Pushing teeth inside affects more in a square/hexagonal facial structure as opposed to an oval or rounded facial structure. This was not studied by my orthodontic doctor. My cheeks and chin moved inside after the re-alignment. It could not be corrected much in the later stage of the treatment.
So here are some tips –
1. Firstly, if it is a minor teeth problem, don’t go for the treatment.
2. Try getting the treatment done without extraction of teeth.
3. Study your facial structure and discuss with your doctor. If you have a square/hexagonal structure like mine, be ready for the consequences. The depression created in the face after the treatment doesn’t look good.

I hope to rectify the change in my face by putting on some weight 😀  I hope readers would benefit from my experience, and be careful before undergoing an orthodontic treatment.


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