Don’t go by the looks

There is a plant known as “Maddu Soppu” that grows in Coorg.
This plant is known to have 18 medicinal values.
Every year, during the “Aashaad Maasa”, the leaves of this plant are used to prepare a Pyasam.
The leaves are boiled in water for a long time. The violet-colored extract from the leaves is used to prepare rice with jaggery. Interestingly, only during this period of the year, the extract is violet in color. At other times, it is white. A simple preparation that protects a person from many illnesses.
The violet-colored Pyasam looks scary, but it is very tasty.
So, here is one advice.. Don’t go by the looks…
Everything that looks scary may not be scary.. haha


2 thoughts on “Don’t go by the looks

  1. @Sonia – Yes dear, I am talking about the Payasam we had in “Crystal”. Aunty prepares it every year .. And guess you remember how you got scared the first time you saw it 😉 .. haha..

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