Recap of Good Old Times

Last Friday was my cousin’s last day at the workplace..

Just before he bade goodbye to the workplace, we went to the canteen as he wanted to have Kamraj’s tea for the last time..

While having tea, he ran me through a quick recap of the good times we spent in Bangalore and at our workplace. It was a wonderful recap, reminding of the wonderful people who got into my life during the last four years.. They say there are times in your life when you are just blessed by the Almighty.. and the phase of my life that started in Bangalore was one of those.

It just seems like a few days back my parents came to Bangalore to leave me here for starting this new phase of life… But it has been four years now.. Time just flies!! .. and more quickly when you are living happily… :). .and without the people around me(at the workplace and at home) this would not have been possible…

Today, on the occasion of Friendship day, I take this opportunity to thank all my friends for playing a part in making my stay here so beautiful…. Happy Friendship Day!! .. God bless all 🙂


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